Mi Kung Cave: Where Guerrillas Hid During The People’s War

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25 Feb 2021 Rukum, A very attractive and important new tourist destination has been discovered. Three large caves resembling gold, silver, and human settlements have been found at the same place in Kola of Putha Uttarganga Gaonpalika Ward No. 12. After the discovery of the cave, all the locals have named the cave after the Magar Kham language.

Mi Kung Cave

One cave is named ‘Mi Kung’. In the Magar Kham language, Miko means man and Kung means shelter or cave. The largest cave found now has a capacity to accommodate 50 people. He said that there are many banana-shaped figures and goats in this cave. Similarly, attractive artifacts can be seen in the cave, said Ganga Bahadur Pun, Ward Chairman of Putha Uttarganga Gaonpalika-12.

According to him, the surface of the cave is found only after entering within 25 meters from the ground surface. Ward Chairman Pun said, “I have seen caves in Pokhara and Rukumkot before, but these caves found in Kol are much more attractive and unique than those caves.” He also said that there is water for dipping one’s feet in this cave.

Similarly, there is another cave nearby. The cave is named ‘Sunari Kung’ or Sunpani Cave. In that cave, various shapes like gold are found. After entering the cave, it feels like entering a golden palace. Everywhere you look, the shape of the leaves of the first shining plant like gold attracts the heart. Similarly, there is another cave, which is named ‘Chandi Kung’.

He said that the caves and caves that were painted in silver color can be seen in silver color. This cave has an amazing feature. If something is placed inside the cave, within a few years, the thing will gradually be covered with rocks and that thing also looks like a rock. He said that there is a possibility of turning anything into a rock as he said by placing anything inside the cave. The water from Chandi Kung has now become a small waterfall and is flowing into the Uttar Ganga.

The locals have seen these caves before but no one knew about it as they were not interested in it. However, the locals say that the secret of the caves was revealed after the local government and the youths started searching for the caves. There are caves below Kol village. However, locals claim that there was a tunnel above the village many years ago to reach the caves.

Guna Bahadur Pun, 69, of Bhupu Pradhan Panch in Kol, said that a deer chased by a hunter many years ago entered a cave called ‘Nim Kung’ two kilometers above the three caves and a dog chasing the deer came out of the cave two kilometers below. Nim means bear in Magar Kham language. Hikmat Pratel, a local, said that the cave was named Nim Kung because of the bears hiding in it. This cave can also be reached within 25 meters with the help of light.

A cave where guerrillas hid during the People’s War These caves were also found to have been used by Maoist fighters during the People’s War. Local youths who entered the cave have found lanterns, party banners and posters used by the army. Two years ago, locals found a gun hidden in another cave.

Now the road to reach these caves is not easy. Anyone who comes from outside cannot easily find the cave. The locals say that the cave can be reached only with the cooperation of the locals. Ward Chairman Pun said that the ward had allocated Rs. One lakh last year for the identification of the cave.

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